Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Have you taken an on-line class with your favorite...

beading teacher?

Just finished one of Apollinariya Koprivnik, online workshops. I think It was her first one. It was a success, for me any way. I don't like traveling and then sitting in a classroom all day and then barely getting anything accomplished. Also I can't see anything when everyone gathers around to watch the teacher do something in her hands, it's very hard to see unless you're one of the ones next to her. This on-line class is another great invention, there are plenty of video tutorials provided. You have access to the teacher for two weeks, you get up and bead whenever you want to continue where you left off.

 Hey, I finished a piece before the class was done!!!

She sells her beadwork and tutorials at her Etsy Shop.

After completing a few of her tutorials I did all right, but I never thought I could make something architecturally like her piece above. But I did and it turned out pretty good, I think. What do you think?

Now, if only I could take photographs like her.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Storytelling Jeweller...

2017 was the year I found soooo many new and different innovative beaders. They have taken beading into a whole new level. Erika Sandor is one of those beaders who is also The Storytelling Jeweller. Besides knowing everything about beading her website will tell you everything about famous bead artists, her fabulous easy to read beading tutorials, beading materials, learning beading, selling beading, shopping for a special gift, event organizing, and even writing for a newspaper. She is a wealth of information. You can get hung up at her site for hours.


I have just finished one of her tutorials, this one is her Caleidoscope Ring, and it was sooo fun and easy to make...

Finished two of Apollinariya's Tutorials...

See my previous post about this fascinating beader.

I have finished two of her many tutorials she has for sale on her site. This first one is her Morocco Earrings...

The second one I finished is her Lunasoft (I love Lunasoft!!!) Earrings...

These were easy and fun to make.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Have I mentioned Svetlana Kossman?

Good for you if you're already familiar with Svetlana's beadwork. However, I just found her, so I'm soo excited to share. Her work is somewhat similar to  recently discovered Polinas', with layers of detailed architecture and numerous components, but also soo originally different at the same time. "Amazing Beading" is what I call Svetlana and Polina's beadwork, while I call everything else (of course including mine "plain beading".

Svetlana's Beaded Treasures book is definitely a keeper, I've purchased sooo many books in the past 17 years that I put a lot up for sale on Amazon, but not this one!!!

Look for her work on Instagram, and Pinterest also.

Here are some of my favorites by Svetlana...