Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dallas Lovett...

I haven't taken any classes from Dallas Lovett because the wire work hurts my fingers, but his reputation for being a teacher and wire artist is known all over the world. If you're into wire he's the one you want to learn from. I love his addition of gems and color in his pieces. This is his Patchwork Bracelett from his class and kits site.

CieloDesign's ...

Miriam Cielo Shimon's Atilla Lace Necklace is one of her many pieces that caught my eye. Her graduations of pearls and pearl color seed beads make it look like threaded embroidery. See more beautiful pieces at Cielo Design.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My latest diagnosis - Cameron Lesion...

is an often overlooked cause of anemia. Cameron lesions are uncommon (5.3% incidence) and usually an accidental finding in an upper endoscopy in patients with a hiatal hernia. Cameron lesions are ulcers in the hiatal sac of patients with hiatal hernia. They are usually asymptomatic, however in rare conditions they may cause acute or chronic GI bleeding and iron deficiency anemia.

Which is exactly what I've had for who in the hell knows how long, since doctors have been trying to find out why I've been anemic for at least the past five years, but I suspect longer because even in my 30s I never could give blood because the blood bank always said my iron was too low.

Anyway this caused me to be taken to ER a couple weekends ago due to pressure on my chest, rapid (very) pulse, and feeling like I was going to pass out with any type of exertion. Ended up spending three days in the hospital, ten hours of that in the ER, received a blood transfusion and my iron was back up to normal within twelve hours.

What a wierd couple of days. 54 years old and I've never been in the hospital before, but I've always wanted to just lay in a bed and have the nurse take care of me and bring me three meals a day. But no! I had to be on liquids for this stay.

So not only do I have a very large hiatal hernia, but I have an ulcer inside the hernia. Take Prilosec (to keep the stomach out of the esophagus), and iron supplement twice a day. Test the blood again to see if iron is within a normal range, otherwise they operate. Blood tested and it's in a normal range. I don't have anymore energy though.

That Lucille Ball of Beading - Jean Campbell

She is just that crazy and reminds me of Lucille Ball. She's also one of the greatest beaders in the world.

One of my favorite beading books is Jeans's The Art of Beaded Beads, which illustrates so many different beaded beads to learn. I've recently finished a necklace and earring set from beading a bunch of her tetrahedron beads. I'll take a picture this weekend and add to this post.

She has soooo many wonderful pieces and different styles of beading that I'm not able to pick a favorite but I've added her Star of India Necklace below so I can show off her work...

This girl is a Wonder Woman, she has so many projects that should be taking up all of her waking moments, but she always makes time to reply to her many fans on Facebook.

She is also one of the authors of Interweave's Beading Daily site, a brilliant teacher, an author of a mess of art/beading books, you should see her Steampunk Style Jewelry book.

Jill Wiseman...

I had the pleasure to meet Jill in a Nan C Meinhardt's Stick Class taught at Marcia Decoster's house, where I saw Jill's Night at the Opera Bracelett (below) in person. Other than being a magnificient piece, it's that kind of beading you just love to roll your fingers back and forth on.

Jill's concentration is on beading kits that everyone can follow.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Irina Miech - Metal Clay/Wire Artist

I've of course been meaning to add a few new (to me) artists whose work I admire (more than admire really). Can you say LOVE IT!!!

I think I first saw Irina's work on the Bead & Button's Show site scrolling through the classes being offered.  I've taken art clay silver classes and love it. I have a whole fishing tackle box waiting for me to start some more pieces. I wonder how long the clay lasts ?

She has even added the latest steampunk fashion to many of her pieces, like the one in the picture above which came from Bead & Button's Show site, and that she will be teaching there this year.

Her wire work is also perfect.  Her blog is fantastic...

She and her husband sell her creations at their site...