Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Caprice Bracelet...

Seems like everyone has made one of these bracelets except for me, and now I have. If you search for "capricho" or "caprice" on Pinterest and add the word "bracelet" in the search you will see many made by people all over.

It's very easy to make. The base is a basic netting stitch. See the picture below from a Fusion Beads tutorial:
After you make the base you add beads to the inside of each diamond. See sample below from Unicornio Pasion:

The one below is from AMIRkoraliki Jewelry and is the tutorial I used:

Round, diamond, or oval shaped beads work nicely.

It's hard to create a pattern like the two I recently finished below. Even though I counted rows, beads, many times they both still came out wrong (the mistakes are not showing)...

My next will be made with one bead, like the black one above. 

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