Thursday, March 17, 2011

That Lucille Ball of Beading - Jean Campbell

She is just that crazy and reminds me of Lucille Ball. She's also one of the greatest beaders in the world.

One of my favorite beading books is Jeans's The Art of Beaded Beads, which illustrates so many different beaded beads to learn. I've recently finished a necklace and earring set from beading a bunch of her tetrahedron beads. I'll take a picture this weekend and add to this post.

She has soooo many wonderful pieces and different styles of beading that I'm not able to pick a favorite but I've added her Star of India Necklace below so I can show off her work...

This girl is a Wonder Woman, she has so many projects that should be taking up all of her waking moments, but she always makes time to reply to her many fans on Facebook.

She is also one of the authors of Interweave's Beading Daily site, a brilliant teacher, an author of a mess of art/beading books, you should see her Steampunk Style Jewelry book.


  1. Tina!

    Thank you for your sparkling words. Lucille Ball? I'm totally honored!

    Keep up the fabulous work--you're a pretty fabulous person yourself.


  2. Totally agree with you. I've got that book too, and love making all the cool stuff from it!