Thursday, March 17, 2011

My latest diagnosis - Cameron Lesion...

is an often overlooked cause of anemia. Cameron lesions are uncommon (5.3% incidence) and usually an accidental finding in an upper endoscopy in patients with a hiatal hernia. Cameron lesions are ulcers in the hiatal sac of patients with hiatal hernia. They are usually asymptomatic, however in rare conditions they may cause acute or chronic GI bleeding and iron deficiency anemia.

Which is exactly what I've had for who in the hell knows how long, since doctors have been trying to find out why I've been anemic for at least the past five years, but I suspect longer because even in my 30s I never could give blood because the blood bank always said my iron was too low.

Anyway this caused me to be taken to ER a couple weekends ago due to pressure on my chest, rapid (very) pulse, and feeling like I was going to pass out with any type of exertion. Ended up spending three days in the hospital, ten hours of that in the ER, received a blood transfusion and my iron was back up to normal within twelve hours.

What a wierd couple of days. 54 years old and I've never been in the hospital before, but I've always wanted to just lay in a bed and have the nurse take care of me and bring me three meals a day. But no! I had to be on liquids for this stay.

So not only do I have a very large hiatal hernia, but I have an ulcer inside the hernia. Take Prilosec (to keep the stomach out of the esophagus), and iron supplement twice a day. Test the blood again to see if iron is within a normal range, otherwise they operate. Blood tested and it's in a normal range. I don't have anymore energy though.


  1. Wow! I had the same exact experience last year. After 6 months I stopped the iron, as instructed, when my blood was back to normal. Unfortunately, the anemia returned, and I'm back on the iron. Only starting to feel better, it has been exhausting and frustrating. Now I'm due for an endoscope to consider surgury.

  2. I received a frantic call from the nurses station 30 minutes after a routine blood test last August 2011. My hemoglobin count was a whopping 6.7. I had no idea what that meant except they wanted me in the ER ASAP. I fought it because although I was not really feeling any symptoms (in hindsight I see it differently). I had a next day appt. for an upper GI and colonoscopy and they found the hernia with camerons lesions. They bled so slowly that my body adapted over time.

    Because I was not passing out, while awaiting surgery and getting the other required tests, they let me do iron 3X a day and it has worked great so no tranfusion risks or iron inffusion. I am getting surgery in the next few weeks. I was blessed they identified the problem so quickly.

  3. WOW! sounds exactly like what happened to me in February. just got bloodwork done lastnight and all the iron numbers are normal. i'm surprised they didn't do a blood transfusion when it was 7, i think mine was 6.5-6.7. I'm taking one iron supplement a day now. what is the surgery you are going to have? i'm not having any surgery, i guess the lesions are healed. Tina