Friday, April 30, 2010

Maggie Meister’s Byzantine Collar…

I must have taken this class 7-8 years ago at The Shepherdess in San Diego (when they used to have many great bead artists teaching classes) and of course still haven't finished it. I recently decided I am going to finish it damn it! I have a lot of it done, but something else had gotten my attention and it got stored with the others.

 I only have about ten unfinished projects that I need to finish before I retire because then I want to bead for my business full time. Here's what I do have done and I think it's just beautiful.

 Maggie takes you through her instructions step by step and I have no trouble at all with them. Sometimes I just have to give up on some projects when I return home from a class and start working on it, because it just isn't coming out right or I can't get it to come out right..

and below is Maggie's original piece created and beaded by her with a link to her kit for this on her site...

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  1. I LOVE this necklace and have wanted to buy the directions for quite some time. Love your use of the light green stones. I eny you in having only 10 unfinished projects. :) What is it about the joy of starting a new project, as opposed to finishing them?

    Enjoy retirement!

    p.s. I was thrilled to find your directions for the gold necklace at the back of Marcia's book. It is next on my to do list!