Saturday, September 19, 2009

I've been waiting for Rachel's ...

book (  to come out so I could make her O. Bersten, and I decided to make a bracelet (don't need any more long projects) and I have almost two done.


  1. I love those colors...I purchase the book and love these colors..Could you let me know what colors where used..


  2. all/any gold seed beeds for the 11s and 15s, then swarovski 3mm in ruby ab bicone. the large stones are 16mm rivoli in volcano, but i guess they don't make them any more, but you can find them on ebay, just search for rivoli 16mm swarovski. oh and the drops well you can find drops on the internet and that's usually what i do. i can't remember where i got the ones i used in this because i've had them so long. i like to shop at